The discussion aimed to provide a deeper understanding of higher education in our increasingly interconnected world.

The event, held in English, comprehensively examined strategies, challenges, and opportunities for integrating global perspectives in higher education institutions across these regions. The panel highlighted the critical importance of internationalization in higher education, showcasing how Australia and Europe are adapting to and benefiting from global educational trends.

The roundtable participants included István Verses from the Erasmus+ and Internationalization of Higher Education Directorate, Gábor Dobos, Director of Study in Hungary, Gábor Halász, senior researcher at the Learning Research Institute, and Dr. Hongzhi Zhang, senior lecturer at the Faculty of Education at Monash University in Australia. The conversation was moderated by János Setényi, also the director of the Learning Research Institute.

One of the highlights was the seminar on July 1st titled “Exploring the complexities of China’s ‘base entity’ in Chinese educational studies: Interactions of Confucianism, Socialism, and Modernism.”

This seminar, led by Dr. Zhang, delved into the nuances of educational studies in Asia, with a particular focus on China. Dr. Zhang, renowned for his expertise, provided a robust framework for understanding how Confucianism, Socialism, and Modernism converge and interact within Chinese education. His insights set the stage for a deep and engaging exploration of the ‘base entity’ of Asia as Method.

The event brought together a diverse group of PhD students from various Asian countries, including the Philippines, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and China. This diversity allowed for a wide range of perspectives and experiences to be shared, enriching the discussions and contributing to a vibrant academic exchange.

Overall, the seminar was a platform for intellectual growth and cross-cultural dialogue, underscoring the importance of such interactions in advancing educational research and practice in the region. A big thank you to everyone who made this event a success!

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