Learning from Asia in Education Conference

OCTOBER 30-31, 2023

The goal of this website is to outline the frameworks of our common thinking about what and how we can learn from Asia in the field of education. “We”, in this context, means Hungarian educational researchers in the narrower perspective, but also European or, in an even broader sense, Western educationalists.

The intention of the authors of this site is also to support the emergence of an analytical and conceptual framework for the “Learning from Asia” (LfA) project of the Learning Institute of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC). This website will provide guidance to our common reflection, especially during the workshop/conference mentioned above. Although the “Issues Paper” is being developed in continuous communication with our partners who have already significantly influenced it, the full responsibility for its content remains with the Hungarian LfA team.

We would like to express our gratitude to all our partners who contributed to the development of this site with oral and written comments.

Those who initiated this project share a common belief that Asian education systems have accumulated valuable knowledge and experiences, especially through recent reforms, that are worth being explored, interpreted and presented. They are convinced that this knowledge and these experiences can significantly improve their capacity to understand and face the challenges our educational systems are confronted with in the 21st century in Europe, in general, and in Hungary, in particular.