Asian PhD Forum

The Asian PhD Forum is a monthly event that serves as a premier platform for doctoral students from various academic disciplines across Asia. One of the aims of this Forum is to encourage Asian PhD students to explore Asian sources and references and to rely on these in their doctoral research parallel with the use of Western sources and references. This happens in line with the so-called “Asia as Method” approach. Another aim is to use the knowledge and experiences of Asian PhD students to improve the conceptual frameworks of the LfA project. The members of this PhD student community have been invited to attend the Autumn conference and to submit proposals for conference presentations. The activities of the “Asian PhD Forum” are guided by a strategic and operational plan.

One of the distinguishing features of the Asian PhD Forum is its partnership with Dr.Hongzhi Zhang, a professor from Monash University, Australia, who brings a wealth of expertise in the field of Asia as Method. This collaboration ensures that students receive guidance and engage in enriching discussions centered around the theme of “Asia as Method.”

In addition to the partnership with Dr. Hongzhi Zhang, the Asian PhD Forum provides a valuable opportunity for students to present and publish their work. Outstanding papers selected by the organizing committee are given the opportunity to be presented at the LfA conference which is held on 30, 31 October, 2023 and published in a book, providing participants with a platform to disseminate their research and contribute to the scholarly discourse in the area of LfA project. The students’ papers will be published along with respected researchers and experts in the field of education. 

If you are interested in being part of Asian PhD Forum, please email to