Call for paper

Guideline for the presentation of Autumn conference and publication

The autumn conference will be held on 30, 31 October, 2023. There are 8 slots for the presentations in the conference. Those who will be selected for the presentations will publish their papers. 

Benefits for the PhD students:

  • Networking opportunities at autumn conference: There will be experts and researchers from OECD, ASEM, CNAES China such as Mark Bray. Collaborating with these experts and researchers can help you expand your professional network, potentially leading to future collaborations and opportunities, and establish contacts that could potentially lead to job offers. 
  • PhD students’ articles will be published in the same book along with respected experts and researchers mentioned above. Thus, it can boost your credibility and increase the perceived value of your work and give your work a more permanent and visible presence, making it easier for others to find and reference in the future. Moreover, publishing in a book with the experts can expose your work to a wider audience, potentially increasing its reach and impact.
  • Conference fee is free and a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) from Cross Ref will be assigned for each paper.

Criteria for the selection of 8 Asian PhD presenters:

  • Abstract is requested to be submitted (Deadline for abstract is 15 August) 
  • If an abstract is accepted, the full paper is requested to be sent including results, tables, figures and references (Deadline for full paper is 15 September)
  • Based on the full paper, the author will be appointed as a presenter at the autumn conference and will be able to publish the article. Contribution/participation to the Asian PhD forum of LfA project is an advantage 
  • 800-1000 word abstract, 12-14 pages full paper

Full paper guidelines

  • Accepted papers will be published in the journal of MCC Publishing House.  A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) from Cross Ref will be assigned for each paper.
  • The submitting author is responsible for ensuring that the article’s publication has been approved by all other co-authors and takes responsibility for the paper during submission and open discussion in the conference session – book itself is reviewed by 2 guest  experts  
  • Articles submitted to the conference should report original and previously unpublished findings. Following ethical conduct is very critical in the academic world. Hence any act of plagiarism cannot be tolerated. If an author is found to commit an act of plagiarism, the submission will be automatically dismissed.
  • Submitted abstracts will be evaluated by the LfA project members
  • After the conference, the paper is requested to be revised. The paper will be published along with other authors. The process may take until February. 

Please send your submission to the by CC-ing 

The themes of the papers are:

  • Your doctoral research in the context of LfA project 
  • Contribution of the LfA project to your doctoral research
  • Relevant to Issues paper (concept paper of LfA project)
  • Relevant to “Asia as method”

Dates of importance:

  • The deadline for the abstract is 15 August 
  • The full paper deadline is 15 September
  • The accepted paper will be presented at the conference on 30, 31 October, 2023.