2024 ZGC Forum University Technology Transfer

The senior researcher of our institute, Professor Gábor Halász, recently participated in the 2024 ZGC Forum University Technology Transfer event, which was held at Beijing University of Technology (BJUT).

“The theme of ‘Innovation for a Better World’ provided a platform for global innovation dialogues and partnerships, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between universities and industry in promoting technological development and social progress.

Professor Halász spoke about EU university-industry partnership policies and programs, shedding light on the strategic importance of fostering close relationships between academia and industry to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, technology, and innovations into practical applications benefiting society.

The event, jointly organized by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, featured various activities aimed at exploring the frontiers of science and technology, discussing future industrial trends, and promoting consensus in global innovation governance.

In his speech, Professor Halász emphasized the need for collaboration frameworks and supportive policies to promote partnerships between universities and industry. He shared insights into best practices in technology transfer, highlighting the roles of research institutes, government bodies, and industry stakeholders in promoting innovation ecosystems.

In addition to participating in the University Technology Transfer forum, Professor Halász also engaged with other academic and research institutions during his visit to China. He visited Beijing Normal University, the Chinese National Academy of Engineering, and the BJUT College of Art & Design, where he further explored opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange, engaging with both teachers and students on the topic.

Furthermore, Professor Halász discussed preparations for his upcoming autumn visit to China, where he plans to meet with representatives of the China Association of Universities to promote collaborative initiatives and strengthen relations between European and Chinese scientific communities.

During a dinner hosted by the Vice President for Academic Affairs of BJUT, further discussions were held on the role played by China in economic and technological development, involving international experts.

These meetings and events contribute to strengthening relations between European and Chinese scientific communities and fostering innovation.

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