János Setényi

Director, Project Supervisor

Janos Setenyi is a doctor at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

He teaches globalization in education, education policy design, sociology of higher education, and quality development. In the past years, his focus turned toward the problems of digitalization and innovation in education. He is a founding member of the Hungarian Evaluation Society.

During 1990-1995, he was an academic researcher at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the National Institute of Educational Research.

In 1995 he established the first for-profit educational consulting company in former Eastern Europe. Since then, the company has participated in various international projects and worked for international agencies like the European Commission, OECD, World Bank, Council of Europe, etc. Furthermore, his participation in national-level quality development programs provided him with rich experiences in micro and mezzo-level education.

He established the Civitas Association to promote civic education in Hungary in parallel with his consultancy.

In 2021, he was asked to establish an educational research institute (so-called Learning Institute) at the Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC), a special tertiary education institution in Hungary. Since its inception, he has been working as a director and senior researcher in the Learning Institute. His main role is to lead and monitor the research projects of the Institute.