The Two Faces of Learning - Competitive vs/and collaborative

Join DPhil. Li Aisi, PhD. Márta Fülöp and Prof. Gabor Halász as they explore the dual nature of learning in their upcoming discussion on April 19th. In this podium talking, they will delve into the contrasting paradigms of competitive and collaborative learning, shedding light on their respective impacts and implications within educational contexts.
Competitive learning often fosters individual achievement and motivation through comparison and rivalry. On the other hand, collaborative learning emphasizes teamwork, communication, and mutual support.
Throughout the discussion, the participants will examine the advantages and challenges associated with both competitive and collaborative learning models. They will explore strategies for integrating these approaches effectively within educational settings, catering to diverse learning styles and needs.
The event will be in English, without interpretation.
All who interested are welcome!
💠Date: 19th April 2024 (friday) – 16:00-17:30
💠Location: Scruton MCC – 1113 Budapest, Tas vezér u. 3-7.