Liu Yan

Institutional affiliation:

Institute of Teacher Development,Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences 

Personal Description:

She holds a Ph.D. in Education from the School of Education, Peking University, a postdoctoral fellow in public administration at Peking University, and a visiting scholar at the Department of Sociology at the University of Southern California. She is currently a full-time researcher at the Institute of Teacher Development, Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences. She has published monographs “The Path and Mechanism of Educational Research Influencing Education Policy”, translated “Locke Educational Comics”, “Montessori Sectional Education”, etc., and published many academic papers in journals such as “Peking University Education Review” and “Military Economic Research”. She has presided over a number of provincial and ministerial research projects such as “Research on Education Supply System under New Generation Artificial Intelligence Technology” of Beijing Priority Concern, “Research on the Construction of Policy Indicators for Evaluating the Status of Teachers”, “Research on the Quality Improvement of Teachers in Vocational Colleges”, “Development and Transformation of Education for Retired Soldiers”, etc., and a number of research results have been adopted or published by higher departments.