János Győri

Institutional affiliation:

Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Education and Psychology, Institute of Intercultural Psychology and Education

Head of the Relationship of Shadow and Public Education Research Group

Personal Description:

Prof. dr. János Győri is a leading Hungarian educational expert of cultural aspects of education, also multicultural/intercultural education. Since late 1990s he is focusing on different educational issues in East- and South-East Asian countries with Confucian heritage. Among many other publications he published a book on education in Japan and Singapore, chapters, articles and conference presentations on gifted education in Singapore, China and Japan, shadow education in East- and South-East Asian region, including Japan, China and India, teacher education and teachers’ professional development (eg. lesson study), informatization of education in South-Korea, the patterns of educational motivation of Asian students, and many other topics related to Asia and education.