Asian PhD Forum: Dr. Hongzi Zhang’s seminar

The MCC Learning Institute, as part of the “Learning from Asia” project, successfully organized a seminar on “Asia as Method” led by respected scholar Dr. Hongzhi Zhang, a professor at Monash University, Australia. It was held on in a hybrid version on July 20, 2023, the event attracted 32 enthusiastic Asian PhD students from universities in Hungary and Australia. 

The “Learning from Asia” project, hosted at the MCC Learning Institute, aims to bridge academic communities and promote cross-cultural collaborations. With the participation of students from both Hungary and Australia, the seminar exemplified the project’s commitment to cultivating global perspectives and enhancing scholarly connections.

The success of the seminar reaffirmed the MCC Learning Institute’s dedication to fostering intellectual growth and promoting cultural exchange. With plans for further initiatives under the “Learning from Asia” project, the institute looks forward to continuing its mission of enriching academic discourse and strengthening ties within the global academic community.